Theresa May Supports Fox Hunting

It’s 2017 and our currently unelected Prime Minister is seeking a huge government majority to strengthen her hand for the difficult times to…

…Wait what? She needs strength and stability to what? The hunting lobby?

…And she agrees with them.

…She wants to bring back the killing of animals? I mean, disabled people topping themselves is one thing but those little red doggo-type things that make weird noises and leap about a bit.

That’s not strength and stability, that’s weakness and madness!

Fuck it, I can’t write anymore. They’re damn well satirising themselves.

Vote for them at your peril, you’ll elect a shower of shite who think it’s still the 1920s. A vicious social circle of coked up flapper girls and men saying things like “Rozza!”.


Conservative Party Headquarters after they heard you were falling for it and they realised they can get away with stealing money from hard working taxpayers to fund the murder of small, fluffy creatures. Rozza!

You’d literally be an idiot for vote for them. I look forward to seeing the proportion of unthinking idiots this country has to offer who would gladly be sold a dream by Saatchi & Saatchi about what life is like as the private entrepreneur of your own little idyllic world, when May’s grasp on immigration fails (again) and she has no real plan B, the EU stiffs her in negotiations because she’s under some illusion of British power versus 27 other modern European nations, and you’ve got cunts in red coats flinging themselves about the countryside like ape shit letting their dogs chew up the wildlife.

That’s not satire – That’s all true. I can’t do anything more. Peace out, you vote for them, you vote for your own demise.


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