BREAKING: Theresa May Calls General Election for June 8th

In order to ensure a greater parliamentary majority for the Conservatives, to silence dissent in the house and pass the kinds of nefarious legislation that Tory governments are reknowned for, Theresa May has today called a snap general election.

Of course the ruse is that the country needs a powerful government to push through this whole Brexit idea. This will be read by the public as “the EU is very strong and we need to be stronger than it.” This, in itself, is misguided. Strongarming is only likely to increase hostility with the EU and what’s more that is not the only issue in UK politics.

The NHS has been continually undermined by both the Blair New Labour government, then the coalition, then the Tories. It has been, and is in the process of increased public/private partnerships, with many services being entirely outsourced to private care providers who are haemorrhaging funds because, apparently, nationalised healthcare services are complicated! WHO KNEW! Of course, May mentioned nothing of the current crisis in the NHS in her call to election. Because people don’t like the Tory stance on the NHS.

That’s how this game works, you see. Just as the Brexit camp focussed on a few core, controversial issues that get people’s blood boiling, so is Brexit being used as essentially the trigger on a gun of brutal social cleansing on behalf of the Conservative government.

They won’t tell us about the cuts, the trade deals with the undesirable trade partners, the great NHS sell off, the savage blaming of the disabled and unemployed for the world’s ills, the fact that their fiscal policy has been doing very little of benefit with all economic growth simply down to robbing the poor and regression to the mean, the knee-buckling submission to the financial sector allowing them the lack of restriction to cause another crash like in 2008, the fact that they have had numerous convicted criminals among their ranks (Anyone remember Andy Coulson?), the fact that they will essentially purchase their support from News Corp. and the Murdoch Empire by offering to go hard on the BBC and publicly funded media, their ludicrous failed and expensive initiatives like ‘Big Society’ or the ‘National Citizen Service’ that were essentially trying to plug the gaps of social budget cuts with exploited volunteers, the fact that our foreign secretary is literally a global joke, or even that this government has done so many U-turns they should be arrested for dangerous driving.

None of that is going to be a hot button issue. Just the negotiation of terms with the EU. That’s going to be their key point and you need to make sure you don’t let that be yours!

Here’s the call to arms. This is one of the most important general elections of our time. This is the election that will truly signal the intent of the nation of Great Britain moving forward. Except this government isn’t moving forward, is it? It’s categorically moving bloody backwards. Look at the Prime Minister? She doesn’t know what reddit is. She doesn’t understand much about digital distribution rights at all. She thinks ‘cyber’ is still a valid word to use in relation to anything to do with computers. It’s like they are desperately trying to be some kind of British neo-imperials, it’s just…we don’t have an empire anymore! We’re closing ourselves off from the world and engaging in a level of social conservatism not seen since the fucking dark ages when people like you and me were peasant serfs kicked in the buttocks for so much as breathing at their Lord in the wrong way. I won’t tell you who to vote for (although it should be apparent who I want you not to vote for!), I simply ask you do vote.

The first major point is that not voting does not count as a vote for no one! Repeat! IF YOU DO NOT VOTE, YOU VOTE TORY! If you truly wish to vote for no one you have to spoil your ballot. Just write “I think they’re all stupid!” on it and pop it in the box or post it or however you’re doing it. Not voting is literally support of the current government. You must vote.

The second major point. Make sure you register to vote. If you don’t register, you can’t vote. You can go to this link here to find out all the details.

The third major point. If you are going to be away on holiday or at a festival or just swanning about doing something you think is more important, register for a postal vote. You will get a card in the mail, you put your x in the box, you send it off and – bosh – the job is done and you can go about having fun. Voting does not have to be a disruptive process just make sure you are eligible to do so and then bung a lazy post-vote out. That’s fine, just have your say and get your voice heard.

The final major point is certainly not the least. Do not vote lazily or thoughtlessly. Vote for Policies are an incredible organisation that will assess your opinions on certain policies and determine who the best candidate for you to vote for would be. But more than that, consider your opinions. Where do they come from? Why do you think like that? Are there any good counter arguments that could make you change your mind? Have you taken in all the advice and opinion from all the sources and are you sure your sources are reputable? Far too many people in this country simply vote the way their parents did, or how their friends will. To make sure this article invokes Godwin’s law – that’s how the Nazis started! A clear thinking, independent minded electorate is the best defence against inhumane government behaviour – and while they are not Nazis, the Tories cannot deny the inhumane policies they have passed.

I know many of you will think voting pointless. An exercise in cardboard cut-out democracy. I agree more needs to be done to increase fairness and representation in our democracy, but that is never going to happen if you allow a Tory majority to grow larger. You may be under the mistaken idea that the Tory government is the strongest government to negotiate with the EU, but when you consider it was their most gracious former leader’s balls up that led to the whole situation in the first place you should maybe think twice. The EU knows David Cameron did not expect this, it knows that internally the Tory party is as divided, if not more so, than Labour. They just do a very good job of saving face. I also know that I do not want our trade partnerships moving forward to be with nations with dubious human rights records.

You might think your voice in an election is slight. Your one vote seemingly meaningless, but it isn’t. Many people abstained from the Brexit vote who now regret it. Don’t let that be you at the next election when you find the lack of representation means your current safe seat got stolen by a slim majority. One vote, ten votes, a hundred votes. They can all be as important as each other.

This is not about the EU. This is about the future that you want for Britain, and whether you are happy with the current course we are on. Young people, particularly, heed this. Because it is your future being decided by an increasingly out of touch and aging population. Your future for the next fifty years could have elements determined by someone who votes in June and dies the next day. Are you okay with that?

We’re fighting a losing battle, but I don’t mind being the underdog. The voice of a very negative kind of populism has swept the world of late. Let’s reverse that. Let us see strong, resistant populism. A populism that wants to pull this nation from its mire and drag it into the 21st century as a modern, progressive nation that nurtures its proud traditions without denying the new and exciting. People of the voiceless, people of the downtrodden, people for the future, single parents, the unemployed, zero hours workers, minimum wage workers, students, people. Let’s shape this nation for a future we want. Not for a nostalgic past that never existed and that we can never reclaim.


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