Vitamin D: Why Everyone Needs the D!

By Dougal Entendré

People should consider taking supplementary D in autumn and winter new advice for public health in England and Wales suggests, due to a lack of natural available sunlight which can lead to low levels of D.

Vitamin D (what did you think we were talking about?) is vital for maintaining muscular-skeletal health, and is mainly synthesised in the body via the action of sunlight on skin. However, low sunlight in winter could mean people getting significantly less of the D than they may need.


Vitamin D can be synthesised by sunlight in your body. This means these two young ladies are absolutely full of D.

“It’s a change of advice,” said Dr. Ian Uendo of Public Health England, “Before we didn’t realise how important it was to get a good amount of D inside of you. But after five years of studies we now realise everyone needs more of the D.”

“You need a good amount of the D in you,” said Dr. Yufa Mism, the lead researcher on the five year study the advice is based off, “from children, who need the D regularly to ensure they grow up big and strong, all the way to the elderly who need the D to give them a spring in their step and reduce the complications of arthritis, osteoporosis or other muscular-skeletal issues. Even people in their prime need a good bit of D inside them for those dark, cloudy days. It helps promote good health and happiness and reduce the risk of broken bones and torn muscles.”

To some, the scientists are only just catching up to them. Janine Halston of East Grinstead has been taking the D for many years already. “I could have told you that the D was important. I do it first thing in the morning. I take that D, get it right deep inside my body. It makes me feel happy, satisfied and full of the energy I need to go about my day.” We figured she just really liked to take her vitamins, but later got the impression that is not quite what she meant, but we had no other quotes so the editor made us use it. “Wait? You’re talking about vitamin D? Oh…” she later said.


This man is laying on his belly, his buttocks facing up and getting so much D. Look, he’s loving the D so much he’s happily writing about how chock-full of D he is.

With everyone begging for the D, the pharmaceutical industry is set for a boost in sales. “You don’t want some cheap, limp D. You need a good, strong D made to the highest possible standards and backed up by rigid evidence. A nice, rigid D is what you need.” Dr. Uendo added.



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