Ted Cruz in Trump Convention Snub

By Zoe Diacilla

Ted Cruz has either made the brave or stupid decision not to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican Convention. However, the move has less of a whiff of sour grapes and more telltale signs of political manoeuvring, as Cruz seems to stake his political career on Trump being a failure and a disappointment.

However, this was not an isolated incident. The two hopeful republican candidates have been clashing like playground enemies since the start of the process. I am fairly certain Trump said something about Cruz’s dad, implicating him in the usurpation of American Politics by the military industrial complex. Cruz replied by suggesting Trump’s dad was implicated in the usurpation of American ass by the gay complex. This got a laugh from the stupid kids.

Then there was that time that Cruz was down by the old swing set, you know – by the lake? And then Trump came up to him and pushed him in the lake, and some people laughed by Cruz didn’t find it funny so he got out of the lake and ripped off his shirt (revealing strange runic tattoos that could help solve the zodiac killer’s cypher) and then punched Trump and Trump cried and his mom had to give him milk and cookies to shut him up.

Although I do seem to remember one time they came together. They had started bickering and demanding each other’s lunch money, but it was a stand-off. Eventually they came to the conclusion that they could just get all the other kids’ lunch money by making them pay to watch them fight. They agreed this was a fine idea and that’s just what they did as people paid money – gave money that could be used to feed themselves, or others, to educate and spread knowledge, to provide aid and charity – people paid that money to watch two grown men – one an inflammatory idiot in a bad wig and the other a potentially notorious serial killer – they got money from normal people to do this.

If it sounds very childish, it is because it probably is. The idea of two grown men jousting with such puerility when they were both, at one point, potentially in line as the next President of the United States (one of them still is), is shocking. The idea that personalities such as these can grasp the reigns of one of the most powerful nations on the planet and steer it in a direction of their choosing is abominable.

The crowd turned on Ted Cruz after his snub of Trump, but is the snub the real problem here? No, the real problem is not the fools but the fools being led by the fools. It is the braying crowds of personality cultists, frothing at the mouth and shouting short slogans. The faceless and nameless stood at the sides as these two come together and rather than promote the sharing of ideas, regardless of whether you agree with them, their eyes glaze with bloodlust and they chant “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Expect this election to be one of bad blood and disharmony. The cult of personality on both sides is strong, the militant nature of their opinions clear. To each side this is good versus evil, right versus wrong, justice versus corruption. I would be less worried about who will win, and more worried about how they do it.


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