We’re Back!


Timmy the Intern here, and thank you very to everyone who continued to support and visit Terminal Context while we were away taking a break. We really, truly appreciate it. I know we may say that a lot, but it is because it is true. We pour our heart into Terminal Context and every single supporter and visitor is a validation of that heart and our existence.

However, we do have a few things that we missed while we were away that are worthy of comment.

First and foremost, we were very saddened by the far-too-premature passing of the woman who I would consider as the first lady of British comedy – Caroline Aherne. I was a genuine fan of her work, and Mrs. Merton is an inspiration for a lot of what we aim to eventually do at Terminal Context. Her work on The Fast Show was nothing but scorchio. However her true genius was demonstrated in The Royle Family, co-writter by Craig Cash. The observations and tropes of a working class northern family were meticulous, full of genuine feeling and in no way cheap. As a working class boy myself, it gave me a sense of acceptance for the life I grew up with that I was in danger of shunning.

In less important news, politicians in the UK have successfully emulated a primary school playground environment in Westminster in possibly the largest psychology experiment into regression ever seen. With everyone arguing unnecessarily with no care for collateral damage, the people who have ushered in a new era in politics running away after being called out on their lies, and so much in-fighting it almost justifies the word ‘frenemies’ it is a remarkable experiment. Also one we wish would piss off so somebody could sort the country out.

Meanwhile in the United States, racism and extrajudicial killings are instigating a racially motivated civil war. So business as usual.

The Chilcot report into the Iraq War took 2.6m words to say what everyone else knew all along. It shouldn’t have happened, didn’t make things better, caused destabilisation in the region that can be linked on the balance of probability to current terrorist groups and the rise of ISIS, Tony Blair was busy sucking Bush dick and is basically a liar and a war criminal and it’s all rather fucked.

In response to Hollywood discrimination and whitewashing the board game Cluedo (or Clue for you United Statians) has dropped Mrs. White and replaced her with Dr. Orchid – for some reason.

And, just to remind us how tiny, stupid and insignificant all that stuff was, an international community of scientists and engineers came together to successfully send a probe to Jupiter where it will remind us that Jupiter is big enough to eat the Earth many times over and the universe is vast, mostly empty, and full of crazy stuff we could never comprehend but should try because it would pull us out of a bullshit world where great people are dying, stupid people are getting power, politicians are dicks and arseholes are still killing each other, sometimes justifying it with ideas from the movie ‘The Rock’ starring Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery.

There are so many mysteries on Earth and out there among the stars, and so obviously Terminal Context will not be working on them. We will, instead, make fun of all the stupid things we hate until everyone agrees with us. Such is the media.

In the immortal words of a ludicrous, homophobic, blonde misogynist – “People, it feels so good to be back!”


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