PSA – Taking a Short Break


Timmy the Intern here, asking you to stay with us as we take a short break.

We have an eclectic and varied staff of writers here at Terminal Context, with the problem being that all but a couple of them are channelled through the same unfortunate writer.

That’s right. Terminal Context only has two physical, corporeal members of writing staff, of which one does the majority of our writing. He has been pretty solidly at it since Terminal Context began and is feeling a little bit of drain. Doing the job of at least six people, every day, is pretty hard.

What is more the news right now is dominated by two things for us. We are based in the UK and everything right now is EU nonsense, the political fallout from that. Quite frankly we do not want to be seen to be legitimising this sort of politics by constantly writing about it.

The only other stories that have been cropping up in the UK recently are all terrible tragedies. You may have noticed we do not touch these with a bargepole and there is a reason for that. We at Terminal Context take a slightly different look at the news, indeed while facts are important we aim more for laughs. We will rarely, if ever, admit to being satirical but…well…we kind of are.

I never want to be in the position that the only way we can get attention is to mock tragedy. We feel that current big media’s tactics of sensationalism and ignorant speculation are cheap tactics and are contributing to an oversimplification of complex geopolitical narratives and individual psychologies. When the world is divided into right and wrong, black and white, good and evil, us and them – it is never a good thing.

This combination of lack of appropriate news, writer burnout, and a necessity to reconsider our marketing strategies, have led me to make the decision to take a little time off.

Often this job is a difficult and usually thankless task. Yet I enjoy it. I want that to always be the case. I never want to resent what I am doing. So, this is not goodbye, just see you later. We will be back, refreshed and ready to continue our mad-cap look at the day’s events. But for now, please allow us some time to rest and recover.

While we are away, please feel free to follow us on twitter, like and share our stories, and get in touch with us on our twitter account. We’re not writing, that doesn’t mean we’re not engaging.

But, for now, thank you so very much for your time and support and I look forward to recharging my batteries and getting back to the grind.

Kind regards in peace, love and news.

Timmy and the Terminal Context Crew.


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