“Don’t Make Fun of The Queen!” Says BBC

By Miles Jones Jr.

A Radio 4 comedy show is the villain of the hour as the BBC Trust believes jokes about the Queen’s sex life broke Trust guidelines about brown-nosing royalty. The jokes, made during the 21st April episode of ‘Don’t Make Me Laugh’, were deemed to be “not lickspittling enough, lacking in the correct levels of Royal sycophancy and far too satirically dismissive of an exceptionally powerful figure.”


Whilst the BBC white-knights to the Queen’s defence, the Crown Estate have released this official 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth II sex doll (Good for at least 4 uses.)

The BBC Trust also said the timing of the airing makes the indiscretions particularly egregious. “As we all know, the BBC do not tolerate any sort of abuse of the Queen, humorous or not. We also do not tolerate criticism of the Queen. We do not tolerate these things particularly at sensitive times such as around the Queen’s 90th Birthday or during her Jubilee celebrations where we outright barred any content critical of the Monarchy.”

“We at the BBC would never do something so demeaning as to discuss an important public figure’s sex life, right Mr. Whittingdale? Please don’t defund us!” they added. However, It was not considered demeaning when they invaded the private sex life of Sir Cliff Richard because they thought it might have involved cases of sexual abuse. They also did not find it demeaning filming a police raid on his house, and speculating wildly before any charges had even been brought, either.  Nor was it considered demeaning when the BBC failed to talk about the depraved sex lives of various BBC employees in the past, covering up what now seems a culture of shocking, disgusting sexual abuse.

Still, double standards and hypocrisy are all in a day’s work for the British Broadcasting Corporation.



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