Intern Timmy’s Poem – Ode to George Osborne

By Timmy the Intern
Ode to George Osborne

Oh what flutters my heart makes upon a glimpse of boyish charm,
like a chef, you cut and cut and yet so vulnerable you still appear.
How can such an impish beauty cause such untold fiscal harm?
I am confused, though my feelings should doubtless be clear.


Your youthful face hasn’t aged a day, from austerity through fracking.
You are my angel, my dearest George. Beauty, guile – oh mon amie,
Although, it must be said, I find in many departments your skills are lacking.
Such as compassion, common sense, maths and dealing with the economy.

The above image is courtesy of George’s Treasury of Britain,
just gaze upon that gorgeous visage – suppress your urge to throw darts.
You might be mislead to believe that I, Timmy, am smitten.
By this Open Government 1.0 Licence image that steals hearts.

In fact this is all parody, for who can love that savage?
The poor are further destitute, and future debt piled on piles.
all the while public services lie broken, ravaged.
And he sits there with his cheeky public schoolboy smiles.

When I say “Fuck George Osborne!” I don’t mean tenderly.



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