US Ends Ban on Transgender Service Personnel

By Stan Smith

A ban on transgender personnel in the US military is finally being lifted, giving them just as much opportunity as everyone else to die for a neo-imperialist agenda. There are believed to be around 15,000 transgender individuals in active service, who will now not have to lie to themselves and others about their identity.

Defence Secretary Ash Cetchum said he thought the old legislation ‘Outdated’ and suggested it was in the interests of the US to ‘Catch ‘em all’ for military duties.

But not everyone is pleased by the move. Republican senator and former Army man Private Dan Serr believes the move put political agenda above military concerns. “We used to ask people if they were steers or queers to break them down, but now with gays and trannies, they’re all proud to be queers! How are we supposed to psychologically abuse our troops until they’re killers now?”

It is believed that President Obama backs the motion, that is a welcome one for all transgender persons in the military and their families. The lifting of the ban will have almost zero effect on US military capacity, is not going to spark any sort of identity crisis, is not going to encourage people to be transgender because it doesn’t work like that, won’t promote homosexuality because that’s a completely different thing altogether and would be the sign of a civilised society if it were not for that fact it involves the military. Overall, the only thing that changes, as in any situation such as this, is a group of otherwise alienated people can feel a little happier and prouder to be themselves, and be less scared of social alienation, discrimination and bullying.


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