Intern Timmy’s Poems – Busy

By Timmy the Intern

Timmy is too busy
for writing any verse.
My internship’s a blessing,
but an unpaid curse.
I’ve got to clean the mugs out.
I’ve got to buy the tea.
I’ve got to sort the tweets out
before half past three.
I’ve got to do the headlines,
I’ve got to make them swell.
I’ve got to make my breakfast,
and clean my house as well.
I’ve got some family troubles,
they’re stressing up my head.
I’m occupied from dawn ‘til dusk
and even when in bed.
I think I’ll have infarctions,
I think I’ll have a stroke,
I guess I’m just a busy,
busy, busy, busy bloke.
I’d like a holiday now,
I’d like some time to breathe.
Unfortunately my internship
does not entitle me to leave.
So sorry for this poem,
It’s short, it’s curt, it’s true.
Now I must get going,
I’ve got a lot to do.


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