Improptu Kanye West Gig Cancelled Due to ‘Riots’

By Miles Jones Jr.

Supposed rapper and obnoxious gobby pseud Kanye West has had to cancel an impromptu New York gig after thousands of people turned up protesting against it. The rapper, in a relationship with Kim Kardashian (Now, I ain’t saying she’s a golddigger, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke…) and somehow someone’s father, was hoping to pull off a underground gig after the Governor’s Ball event was cancelled due to weather concerns. However, thousands of people turned up to the proposed location leading to a cancellation.

The people who turned up included those carrying signs that said “If 2Pac weren’t dead you wouldn’t be popular”, “Why Not Kendrick Lamar?” and the mandatory image flag of Kanye’s darling, Kim, performing fellatio on someone who isn’t Kanye. The protest began around 1am in New York and continued for several more hours. It follows criticism of Kanye’s new album, Theoreticians Litigiously Obscure Palpitoads (or TLOP) which was only released on the bleed ‘em dry Jay-Z and Beyonce vehicle Tidal, which is like iTunes but even more evil, and had cover art that looked like it had been designed in MSPaint.

Many feel Kanye has ‘fell off’ in recent years, with his albums since 808s and Heartbreak not quite hitting the same notes as his earlier work which was, admittedly, quite good. Between his subpar albums and his insistence on being a fashion designer who dresses people up like homogenous homeless people, we are all beginning to lose patience with Kanye. It also does not help that he miraculously went from the Luis Vuitton Don to the man who wears a mask on stage and moans about how everyone’s just a face for corporatism. He also rages against corporatism whilst still using massively corporate record labels. He also rages against corporatism, an easy thing to do now corporatism has given him all the money he needs to rage against corporatism. Essentially he’s a fucking hypocrite.

If you are sensing hostility, it is only because in Kanye one could see the evolution of the rap game. He came up at a time when 50 Cent was dragging rap back into the mire of pimps, guns and bitches. In that mix, Kanye provided a fresh new voice raising concerns about modern life. His lyrics could be insightful and funny and he knew how to correctly mix the two. He could have been one of the greatest, garnering success and achievements that put him at the pinnacle of his art and draw it into mainstream acceptability. Instead, he fell off. He believed his own hype, lost his way and his tracks became him wrestling his ego in a tedious way. Then we got Young Money and everything went backwards. Drake exists for crying out loud.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that I like rap. I mean mainstream rap. While my friends are showing me all these amazing UK urban street artists, I just want to get home and chuck on some Biggie. I’m a sucker for it. Kanye could have done something amazing with it and instead he has morphed himself into a running joke of hubris. I think we all believed he could return to his early career greatness, but with each passing day it appears that is never going to happen. That’s where my hostility comes from.

And Kanye, if you have any problem with this then, well – La-la-la-la wait till I get my money right, la-la-la-la then you can’t tell me nothing, right?

Terminal Context would like to add that Miles wanted the featured image of this story to be the famous Kim K fellatio flag, but we politely refused, so have a cat.


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