David Cameron Suggests Remaining in EU Will Help Curb Migration

By ‘Utter’ Des Beleev

David Cameron, the man with a face like a caricature of a posh twat, has today suggested that remaining in the EU is the best way for the UK to curb migration, which may or may not be bad, no one is really giving us figures.

Despite Mr. Cameron’s government having consistently failed, whilst a member of the EU, to meet their own self-imposed migration targets, Mr. Cameron still somehow expects people who oppose remaining in the EU to believe it will definitely work this time.

It comes after a strange campaign more akin to a schoolyard argument than a political debate with huge ramifications for the communities involved. The oversimplification of the narratives; with the remain campaign’s agenda of fear and the leave campaign’s…well…agenda of fear, is ludicrous.

If the UK remains in the EU, we are all going to be drowned in a sea of Romanian peasants trying to steal our Great British jobs, and Muslims coming over here blowing stuff up, because that’s all they do apparently – hard to see how they find the time what with all that praying. If the UK leaves the EU it’s going to spark World War III, an economic crisis, a crisis in science, a crisis in arts and a crisis in education, but at least we will allow a ruthless Tory government to protect the people’s interests instead of some people in Brussels, and we can finally put a stop to all those foreigners coming over here to do whatever it is they do that makes countries so bad. That’s the rhetoric so far.

With a political vote so oversimplified and ludicrously propagandised it is little wonder ‘Call Me’ Dave feels he can get away with claiming he can do what he already cannot do if everything stays the same. It is almost as bad as the Leave campaign claiming the UK will become a land of milk and honey if it disassociates with its closest allies, neighbours and market and branches out on its own – from people in the same government as were trying to nick money off the disabled and killed unemployed people with stupidity. They really care, guys.

This reporter recommends finding somewhere that provides you with agenda-free evidence (Somewhere like fullfact.org) and make up your mind based upon data and evidence, rather than smarmy posh gits telling you what to do.


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