Tiger Temple Thailand just Black Market Iceland Supermarket

by Incensia Irata

Tiger Temple has been a Thai tourist destination for many years. Their hands on tiger experience providing animal lovers an up-close and personal experience unlike any other. Whether you want to play with a baby tiger, or brush a tiger, or just hug a big bundle of wild orange and black floof. Unfortunately such experiences are ethically questionable, and where one ethical question poses itself, generally more follow.

Sadly, beneath the quaint, seemingly spiritual exterior (the temple was staffed by monks) lie evidence and rumour implicating the temple in some heinous practices. Not only have they been discovered selling infant tigers on the black market, now a freezer full of dead tiger cubs have been found.


This is a tiger. It is a member of the family felidae. It is a terrestrial carnivore. It is beautiful. It belongs in the wild, or at worst in ethical captivity as part of a breeding or conservation program. It is not an ice cream. It is not a penguin. It is not a bag of ice cubes for a sick party. It does not belong in a freezer.

“It’s not what it looks like,” says the Chief Monk, “We are using all our entrepreneurial initiative so that we can be Asia’s number one frozen alternative medicine supermarket. We’ve got frozen tiger cubs, frozen tiger claws, frozen tiger penis. If you check out the chest freezer in the basement we’ve got frozen gnu spleen and frozen panda anus. We’ve the widest variety of frozen medicine around.”

The monks are unrepentant, claiming that they only kill the animals ethically and that what they are doing is helping to protect the species.

Tiger Temple is most famous for its Indochinese tigers, a very rare subspecies of tiger. The number of dead cubs found is about 10% of the entire wild population of Indochinese tigers. The best estimates, via Global Tiger Initiative, are that there are 357 wild Indochinese tigers, spread over parts of East Asia. Forty cubs were found in Tiger Temple’s freezer.

“Only by having the rarest, premium product can Tiger Temple seek to match UK frozen supermarket Iceland. They sell good stuff now so we must sell good stuff too.” The abhorrent idiots in charge of this inhumane place said.

It is rare for Terminal Context to allow their writers an opportunity for opinion in their articles. We do our best to ensure unbiased, independent, informative coverage. However in this case I have been afforded the opportunity to speak on behalf of all of Terminal Context when I say these people are disgusting, horrid, exploitative, twisted, misguided individuals who have performed acts of gross harm and negligence upon a community of tigers placed in their supposed care. We do not support or endorse anyone doing anything of this sort, and wholeheartedly endorse such horrific and cruel individuals being punished to full extent of their domestic law.


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