Outbreak of Good Behaviour Stuns World

by Pete Stillance

Following mass sexual assaults occurring in India, Germany and Brazil, riots and civil disobedience in the United States, France and Spain, and wars and armed conflicts worldwide, Terminal Context was shocked to visit a busy location, full of lots of people, all of whom were well behaved.

Read any news; tabloid, broadsheet, online or citizen journalists on Twitter and you will see references to horrific events all over the world.  Such events demonstrate the significant level of barbarism and primal animalism still innate in humankind. One would be forgiven for thinking that, with little concept of their own animal nature as a hunting ape and with human exceptionalism still the norm being taught, such events are understandable. But it turns out most of us are successfully compassionate, empathetic and indeed socially inhibited enough to think that attacks of violence and sexual aggression are wrong.

Researchers suggest that on a purely objective level, such things are not wrong. Indeed, many theorise that right and wrong are simply subjective moral implications held by the individual with most of us sharing a common set of rules e.g. killing, rape, robbery are bad. It seems, oddly, these people are in the majority.

With images of people blowing each other up, harming each other, being portrayed as animals or parasites, mass rapes, gang rapes, genocide, terrorism and people hurting each other over imaginary friends or fleeting ideologies, it’s easy to see how we could be so shocked to see humanity behaving with such civility.

Terminal Context can only hope, for the sake of making headlines, that eventually these well behaved people will turn nasty and start to violently shred each other’s clothes and skin and spill blood and spread misery because then we can write more about how bad humanity is to make them buy our products out of grim blood lust and deathly fear.

You may think that morally objectionable but the press are not nearly as bad as governments and corrupt, idiotic leaders of nations, religions and ideologies who actively encourage such discord, partisanship and conflict. It’s not like we hold any sway over those people. Except The Sun, and the other Murdoch press who are corrupt as hell and I would not put it past them having manufactured global armed conflicts to sell newspapers.


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