Why Study Suggesting 50% of Misogyny on Twitter is From Women is a Lie

by Celestia Moonchild

Look at this article today and you will see a suggestion that the only place in which women are truly equal to men is in their ability to abuse women on twitter. This is a lie and I am going to tell you why.

This study, whatever it means, presumably assesses profiles for gender specific data based upon the information given. However, there is no gender identity check when one signs up for Twitter. Hundreds of thousands of men sign up as sockpuppet women every day simply with the intention of skewing misogyny data. Never mind the number of men choosing to identify as women even though they could never be true women because their trans status endows them with all the innate, oppressive abilities of a man. Gender fluidity and sockpuppets account for most of this.

The study also doesn’t take into account the hetero-cis-normative-patriarchy paradigm, and the heavily engendered internal misogynistic pressure placed upon women by a male dominant society to hate themselves.

Every woman I have ever met in my life has wanted to sit down to a good vegan meal, I’m a vegan by the way, and thread daisies through each other’s hair. Women are not horribly competitive, catty bitches (a word that is a microaggression in its own right) as this study would seem to want to make out. We are poor and oppressed, paid less and treated worse and forced to go through childbirth for the arrogance of men who fear dying without passing on their horrible Y chromosomes to keep us enslaved in future. We have been trained to hate ourselves and one another, by men seeking to control.

This study is nothing but lying hetero-cis-male-promoting hate propaganda dreamed up by a male dominated company for a male dominated world. Women are beautiful, peaceful human beings. The saving grace and guiding light of a world obsessed with penis-measuring and meat eating. We are the civilisation in these savage lands and I will not have our good names tarnished by lies and propaganda.

And if any women worked on that study, you’re all a bunch of cocksucking, self-hating, man-oppressed, patriarchy supporting, whore bitches. Shut up your stupid ho mouths and go do a proper job like making jewellery on Etsy or blogging about how hard your life is and stop making it difficult for all the real, self-loving women out there by supporting the very system that seeks to oppress you and tell you exactly what to do with your life.


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