Hillary Clinton Email Leaks Reveal Nigerian Prince Scam

by Robin Pesto

Leaked Hillary Clinton emails reveal the secrets behind her hidden financial impropriety as it seems she has long been the victim of a Nigerian Prince scam.

The scam, which began with an email (below) back in 2003, has seemingly reduced Clinton family resources by hundreds of millions of dollars that has all been replaced with dodgy property schemes, lobbying funds of unknown sources and various other underhand money-making plots that would put any other business person firmly in the criminal spotlight, but somehow Hillary gets away with it.

Contacted by someone under the guise of ‘Prince Johnathanthan Agogdedwenge’ the Queen of the Clinton Empire and somewhat loathed darling of the Democrat party Hillary responded, seemingly believing it to be a genuine foreign investment opportunity that could bring much wealth to the United States. Alarm bells should have been ringing for the Democrat nominee given that this was Nigeria not China trying to invest, as China basically owns all the things.

Controversy has surrounded the Clintons not least due to the fact that they are, and always have been, corrupt as hell. But this latest scandal may be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“We don’t mind Hillary being the one corruptly scamming people out of money,” says one Hilary supporter , “But we are concerned when she is the one getting scammed. She needs to be a bit more careful, but we’ll forgive her, the silly-boots.”

“I think the thing is,” says her dopey sex-fiend husband, “whether this is good or bad depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is – and I did not have sexual relations with that Prince. That I know of. And would be willing to admit.”

Whatever happens, this is another blow to the prime Democrat candidate in a strange US election race. For the first time in American history the voters have to choose between two abhorrent inhuman specimens.


That email in full;

“Dear Most Valued and Esteemed Friend Hilary,

We giving you writings today to tell you of great foreign investment opportunitie. I am Prince Johnathanthan Agogdedwenge of Nigeria and I have friend many in this country who money cannot move.

Over $57,000,0000,000,00 is being held in bank accounts of Nigeria in holding. Legal fees to the release of these money is $1,000,000,000 and I cannot afford this. Money is intended by account holders for foreign investment, and we would liking to invest with you in the Unisted Stats of AMerican.

If you have $1,000,000,000 we would like to give $57,000,0000,000,00 to you for to invest in your country.

Please get in touch, esteemed friend, to discussing the business oportunitity.
I am good, honest Christian and hope that God give us both strongth to be doing of business successfully.
Kind Thanks,

Prince Jonthanthan Agogdedwenge”


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