Race Matters – What it Means to be White

by Celestia Moonchild

There are some who would claim ethnicities are a complex matter. Those people are stupid, and probably white. Only white people can be confused about their ethnicities because the limitations of it are not rubbed into their noses like they were naughty dogs. White people are at liberty to sit around discussing whiteness and what does or does not constitute whiteness because they are not held back by themselves, discriminated against or told they cannot do things because of the colour of their skin.

This is why white people should stop discussing racio-ethnic demography politics. They are white. They are not entitled to an opinion. From politicians to priests, white people, and they’re usually meat-eating males, are attempting to categorise and understand their race as being anything but dominant oppressors. They should stop thinking, accept their place, and apologise.

I, Celestia Moonchild, a vegan by the way, am white. I am sorry. I am sorry for the problems caused by individuals of my race to the whole world. I apologise for racism, hate crime, sexism, oppression, imperialism, discrimination and Vanilla Ice. Because of the colour of my skin I am born with an innate guilt for which I must work hard to absolve myself. I am not allowed to have opinions about other non-dominant races or religions, because I am white. This is what it means to be white. To be white is to be guilty. To be white is to be evil. To be white is to be wrong.

White people have not suffered the racial indignities endured by other races. We are a privileged bunch. As a result we are cursed with an inferiority of constitution. We are weak, cowardly and fearful. This is why we gang together to shove under our thumbs those who are much stronger, much more sure of themselves and confident. Divide et impera. I choose not to participate in this, but am still guilty of it. Simply by walking through my day to day life I am guilty of making others feel bad, of taking valuable resources and opportunities from them. My existence is a pain to those of non-white ethnicities. We are villains.

There are those who suggest this, in itself, is racism. By claiming all white people are inferior oppressors and should remain silent when discussing ethnic matters, they claim I am saying they cannot do something because of the colour of their skin. These people do not understand colour. Being white is not a colour it’s a lack of colour. I am saying they cannot do things, and are terrible inferior people, because of the lack of colour in their skin, which is clearly completely different.


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