IMF to offer IVF grants to IBM’s ICBM Builders in USA in Most Acronymed Story in History

by Abey Seedy

In possibly the most acronym laden story since CBT became widely available on the NHS (though how cock and ball torture helps anyone is beyond me) the IMF have offered fertility grants to workers from computer firm IBM who are assisting the USA build a new generation of ICBMs.

The project, under supervision by the NSA and CIA was first reported on CNNBC and picked up by the BBC. ETA of the project is not until 2025 AD but the computer workers’ exposure to irradiated environments led to worries of infertility so assistance was put in place.

But that is not the important matter here.

The important thing here is that this story truly highlights the power of the alphabet, a multifunctional set of symbologically important variations on lines and shapes that have come to the bane of anyone who wants to read anything without a glossary of combinations of 3-5 letters. We absolutely love them as journalists because we can say a lot without imposing too much on our word count.

There is also an element of feeling like we are on Sesame Street or something, which is never a bad thing. All hail the alphabet!

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