Controversy in Europa League final after Team Breaks EFA Rules by Fielding too Many Foreign Players

by Danny Hunter – Chief Football Writer

Conamara Chaos are in trouble after their Europa League final against Linaea Rovers was marred by allegations they had broken player quota rules.

Current rules on the Jovian moon Europa state their football teams can include no more than four players from planets or moons that are not Europa but Chaos’ Hyrjubluk NnnNnnM, from Io, was their fifth.

The rules were put in place by Blapp Setter, the corrupt former EFA (Europa Football Association) president now serving on the advisory panel of how to make football less corrupt and failing to spot the obvious answer of not having Blapp Setter involved in it. He brought the rules into force in order to promote European soccer and the strength of their teams going into the Solar System Cup.

It is hardly welcome news for Conamara, who are already struggling this season after a series of well publicised misconducts, including a group of their players trying to have sex with the comet Ceres, a contract dispute between head striker Hallanbrhbri 38hsnit and the club, and Joey Barton.

With the upcoming Solar System Cup on the Sun (another of Blapp Setter’s fine moves), how this will affect the European squad’s unity is unknown. The club are likely to be fined and talks are ongoing as to whether the match will need to be replayed.

The EFA are expected to make their ruling on Wednesday, so until then we will just have to speculate wildly as to what will happen.


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